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November 16-20, 2014

Now is the time to retreat. The meaning of the word retreat in this case is to withdraw, allowing the time to reflect and contemplate. We often lead such busy lives that we don’t allow ourselves the time to recognize our still, quiet voice that is inside of all of us. Come to the beauty of Black Rock country, find peacefulness in the river that rushes by under your cabin view or the open aired dining room.  Feel the majesty of the mountains and the edge of growth that you can feel pulsing inside of you.  Please take the time to re-”treat” yourself. Take time to journal, stay still, relax, ponder and contemplate.  

The definition of treat is “to look upon or regard in a particular manner; to
provide healing attention, to deal with in writing or speaking; to buy for another
or oneself.” Let it be all of this and more!!! In this week long intensive, you are
giving yourself space to look upon your life in the way of satya; with truth and
kindness, with the simplicity of love. There will be time for yoga asanas
(postures), pranayama (breath), contemplation and meditation.
There will be time for silence and time for speech. Time for laughs and time for
tears. A portion of the retreat will be in silence. Please come and soak in the
luxury of nature and the scrumptious food provided by Black Rock Lodge. 


The cost of the retreat includes a morning meditation and a morning practice of asana, pranayama and dhyana.  The afternoon practice will be tailored to our day and the flow of the participants.

Airfare, transport, tips and excursions are not included.  

For a visual array of photographic images, please see the photo gallery.
For information on Karen, see above bio.


Take the time for yourself to find your still sacred space within you.

Do it now!

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