“I enjoy your classes very much and find opportunities to challenge myself by holding poses a bit longer. Because you are an excellent teacher, you try during each class to meet everyone's needs and are so aware of each participant.I know I can be as challenged as I wish to be and do try to keep this in mind.” ~Mary Lou Parizeau


“I would also like to convey to you also how much I truly appreciate you and your fabulous yoga classes! Your warm and caring spirit has been a true blessing in my life, I will cherish always our paths meeting!” ~Michelle Tolson


“I also want to tell you how much I enjoy your class. I think it's great how well you know us and teach with our needs in mind.” ~Mary H.


“I appreciate your gifts Karen of thoughtful reflection, of inner strength that inspires, of gentle touch, of full presence that listens to micro-sensations of becoming, and of being open to wisdom that is channeled from within and from above. I especially honour your quest to live in non-dualism, seeking to be in a state of oneness so that you can radiate even more love energy in the world! I share your enthusiasm for this path. “ ~Elizabeth Soltis


“Your perception, awareness and memory are truly amazing, and inspiring!” ~Pat Gleason


“I am so delighted to have found you! I learn so much from you! Much of that learning is true radiance of love! You are a gift to me and many others!” ~Audrey Barager


“And it is I who thanks you for your wonderful class, it is nice to feel a part of it and accepted. The chanting was fun.” ~Sharon Leyes

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